Personal finance is defined as the management of money and financial decisions for a person or family including budgeting, investments, retirement planning and investments.

The Perfect Investment Might Look Like This

The Perfect Investment I was thinking the other day; what would the perfect investment look like? In the real world, not some fantasy world. What would the characteristics of this perfect investment be? As I was thinking I started creating a list. 12 Characteristics of The Perfect Investment Tax deferral on growth Income-tax-free withdrawals Income-tax-free survivor benefits No plan [...]


The Multi-Asset Class Index Annuity 

The Multi-Asset Class Index Annuity  The Lafayette Life Insurance Company’s Marquis SP is a single premium deferred fixed indexed annuity, and the Marquis Centennial is a flexible premium fixed indexed annuity. Both earn interest based on changes in a market index, which measure how markets or parts of markets perform. Both annuities offer growth potential and income guarantees. Allocate [...]


Annuities Back Into 401(k) Plans

Annuities Back Into 401(k) Plans Written by: By Alessandra Malito Annuities have a bad reputation, but they don’t have to be harmful to your retirement assets The SECURE Act is one step closer to becoming law, and with it, Americans would see a few tweaks to the way the retirement system works. As part of the SECURE Act, which the [...]


Building A Solid Financial Foundation

Building A Solid Financial Foundation Life for most of us is full of challenges and for many money or personal finance is an area where you may be challenged right now. After all, you are reading this article, therefore, it's a pretty good guess you are looking for answers. At Bender Advisors our client's needs vary as everyone is [...]


The Family Bank

The Family Bank The Family Bank may sound strange to you but creating the family bank is a strategy to keep wealth in your family and keep it growing, safely without exposure to risk from generation to generation. The Strategy of Wealth Preservation  This strategy has been called “Family Banking,” “Private Family Banking,” “Private Reserve Strategy,” “Infinite Banking,” “Insurance Banking,” "Wealth [...]


Tax-Free Dividends

Tax-Free Dividends Are you ready to learn about Tax-Free Dividends? If you are then you will want to read this. Whole life insurance is one of the few instruments where the premiums, cash value, and death benefit are guaranteed. In addition to the guaranteed values offered in your whole life policy, your whole life insurance also gives you the [...]