An annuity is a insured financial product that pays out a fixed stream of payments to an individual, primarily used as an income stream for retirees. Annuities are a popular vehicle for saving for retirement. Learn more about this safe money strategy.

The Multi-Asset Class Index Annuity 

The Multi-Asset Class Index Annuity  The Lafayette Life Insurance Company’s Marquis SP is a single premium deferred fixed indexed annuity, and the Marquis Centennial is a flexible premium fixed indexed annuity. Both earn interest based on changes in a market index, which measure how markets or parts of markets perform. Both annuities offer growth potential and income guarantees. Allocate [...]


Annuities Back Into 401(k) Plans

Annuities Back Into 401(k) Plans Written by: By Alessandra Malito Annuities have a bad reputation, but they don’t have to be harmful to your retirement assets The SECURE Act is one step closer to becoming law, and with it, Americans would see a few tweaks to the way the retirement system works. As part of the SECURE Act, which the [...]


The Role of Tax-Qualified Annuities

The Role of Tax-Qualified Annuities The role of tax-qualified annuities is an important one for tax-qualified annuities make up more than half of the annual sales of annuities. Tax-qualified annuities are purchased with either pre-tax dollars or are the result of a rollover from a qualified plan, such as a defined benefit pension plan or a defined contribution plan. [...]


Tax-Deferred Compounding

Tax-Deferred Compounding Tax-deferred compounding is an important concept that must be discussed for any tax-qualified investment. One positive effect of earning money is more money is available; the down-side about earning more money is that taxes must be paid on the gains. Delaying or deferring the payment of income tax on investment earnings provides an opportunity to “earn interest [...]


Retirement Income Strategy

Retirement Income Strategy Planning for retirement has become a risky business for most. The majority of future retirees are no longer offered a private pension plan. Instead, they will need to rely on their deferred compensation plan, such as a 401K, or a 403b plan, to provide the income needed in retirement. Two of the most prevalent concerns with [...]


Consider An Annuity

Consider An Annuity Annuities can be a valuable addition to your overall retirement strategy because they offer tax-deferred growth potential while you’re saving for retirement, and dependable income after you retire – in some cases, for as long as you live. Many annuities provide principal protection from market downturns, lifetime income, an enhanced death benefit, and other options, either built-in or [...]